Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello folks.  Thanks for stickin' with me.  The last week and a half has BLOWN by.

I never did finish writing about our fourth day of traveling so let me sum it up.  We drove through Vermont (beautiful) and New Hampshire (beautiful) mainly on two lane roads after a brief stint on a very quiet interstate.  Vermont was very quaint with rolling hills and farmsteads dotting the landscape.  I think it was in New Hampshire that we saw some of the most quintessential "New England" towns.  If anyone remembers the Bob Newhart show, it looked exactly like the opening scene.  We entered the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire and Ava couldn't say enough times how "beautiful" it was. She wanted to stay there forever.  When we started out the day, we were not even 200 miles from Brunswick but the GPS (yes, it talks to us) said it would take over 3 hours to get there so we were trying to keep driving as long as possible but we finally had to get something to eat at 2:00 in the afternoon -- yummy Dairy Queen. :)  Just after lunch, we entered Maine and stopped at a rest area to take a picture.  The kids were a bit stir crazy and hopped up on ice cream so took off like rockets around the parking lot.  While we were trying to herd them up and get them over to a sign for our last picture, Max took off across the driveway right in front of a police car that was turning in.  I felt like parent of the year as I yelled and ran for him.  The police officer was very nice and ended up taking our picture for us.  She probably noticed all the hair missing from my head and the crazed look in my eyes.  When we told her we had just driven for three days from Minnesota, she looked at us like we were either super parents or insane.  I'm betting it was the last one.

We packed up and left the rest area to finish up our trip.  We were so close it was painful.  The last 70 miles through Maine were just painstaking as all the roads were again 2 lane with a max speed of 50 mph.  It was pretty though as we passed from mountains to lakes to lobster shacks.  We couldn't see the ocean but we knew we were close.  Bruce and I started to recognize roads from our trip in July and then.....we were here.  We pulled in front of our garage (at least we thought it was ours, it was unlocked anyway) and immediately were greeted by some of the neighbors -- all military, of course.  They said "hi" and offered to help unload when we were ready, then left us to get settled in.  As soon as we started pulling things out of the truck, the neighbors were back with reinforcements and the truck was cleaned out in no time.  We were able to set up beds and sleep nice and snuggly for the night after wolfing down Papa John's pizza at 9:00 pm.  It felt so good to finally be here!