Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day two on our trip to Maine.

Okay so I didn't get the last post published on the first day.  I had to finish it at our next stop.

Well here we are again, finally stopped and relaxing at a hotel.  At one point we had thought we were going to camp each night...NOT!  It feels incredibly good to just stop and plop ourselves in a room where we can walk down to the heated pool -- no worries about setting up tents, sleeping gear or cooking.  Ahhh...

We have made it across Ontario and are close to the border of Quebec in the town of North Bay.  It was quite a drive on a main artery through Ontario even though it was just a two lane road with a 55 mph speed limit...oh excuse me...90km/hour speed limit (sounds better doesn't it).  Tomorrow we should cross into Quebec near Montreal.  We are over half way through our journey and getting very excited  to see our new home.  We actually got an address on Friday but darn if I can remember it....something Chickadee.....I'll pass it along when we get there. :)

I'm afraid that every night is pretty short after eating and swimming.  We all end up going to bed at the same time since we are all in the same room so I will bid you goodnight.

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  1. We are enjoying hearing about your journey to your new life adventure! (the griggs family)