Sunday, August 21, 2011

First full day on the road

Well, we took off from Duluth yesterday (Friday), leaving our home town of 14 years and our 6 year old house that we built from the ground up.  We made it to Superior, Wisconsin before having to stop for food.  None of us had really eaten anything all day as it was all devoted to packing and cleaning and loading.  We drove through beautiful northern Wisconsin and stopped in Ironwood, Michigan to stay for the night.  All five of us gleefully jumped into the hotel pool and washed the drive away, then collapsed into bed for a night of sleeping in beds larger than camper beds.

This morning we took off at the extremely early hour of 9:00 am.  Sleeping in felt good. We drove about 3 hours and stopped just outside Marquette, Michigan to have lunch on the shores of Lake Superior.  The kids and Bruce jumped in and swam for awhile in the "big lake".  The lake was shallow in that spot and relatively warm with a beautiful sand beach.  It was a great break from driving so we spent quite some time.  Then we drove the rest of the way to Sault St. Marie and spent the night in kind a dump.  Oh well, all is an adventure.

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